# Back off INDIA #

# Back off INDIA #

# Back off INDIA # I can’t stand alone without talking on this. My views on this are truly personal and I have no intention of offending anyone on this earth.

We have a History. Yes, we have! From the age of RANAS regime in Nepal. I’m not a historian But I have an interest in History tits and bits. Never mind if I’m wrong!

As far as my memory tells, Nepal had  a Shugauli treaty in which we talked to British ruled Indian government then about our open orders. Nepal did renew the treaty during the time of Rajiv Gandi as a Prime minister of India. The treaty of then is still continuing.

We couldn’t do anything except shake hands with the neighbours as we are landlock country. Yes, we were a small country  and now we are too. # Back off INDIA # Why now?
Recently, We Nepalese have undergone serious trauma of Heavy Earthquakes which shook off hearts of all Nepalese. At that time of which The INDIAN medias act truly hurt all Nepalese. Even At that time??? May be this why # Back off INDIA #

Lets see politics of Nepal. Late King Tribhuvan made free Nepal from RANA regime  with the help of INDIA.  May be Since then if  I’m not wrong. The political scenario of Nepal have always being influenced by India. Our leaders’ mind set on it. Maybe because of past trends, power of INDIA in south Asian region or her strategies of diplomacy towards her neighbor countries.

# Back off INDIA # We can’t deny BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL. Why INDIA is telling BUDDHA Belongs to INDIA. The Prince Siddartha Gautam got enlightment in Gaya, INDIA. From then, HE was BUDDHA! From this history, how can we tell, BUDDHA Belongs to INDIA?? # Back off INDIA #  Let see an example, if a Nepalese child borns and earn his educations in INDIA, then he becomes INDIAN?? NO!! HE IS STILL A Nepali!!! Until he gets INDIAN CITIZENSHIP!!RIGHT?

INDIA can tell The first ever conquered Mount Everest was INDIAN. TENGING NORGAY> Because he transfered his citizenship to INDIAN!!! There can be reasons why he had transferred his citizenship. That could be weakness of Nepalese. # Back of INDIA # Don’t steal Nepalese pride and property!!

Current scenario is OUR MADHESH! and BLocked of borders between INDIA AND NEPAL. Nepal HAS already established her constitution declared even MAdheshis have been leftout signing in which is even not true from the talks of one of the constitution maker and Former PM Mr. Madhav Nepal said on Television. He also told there have  been a huge misleading information and news spreads which actually harming the relationship between NEPAL AND INDIA.

I think WE are like brothers!!! Every things happening between INDIA AND NEPAL Are similar to the issues of siblings !! Have you guys seen the map of old South east Asia?? You could be totally shocked!! It is not reasonable to say # BACK OFF INDIA #  Many INDIANS have already taken the NEPALESE Citizenship Certificates. Almost 25 lacs Indian had Nepalese citizenship then during  when the Jawarlal Nehru was Prime minister of INDIA AND HE TOLD THIS Statistics!  Please correct me the number !! but it were somewhat that much then. What about now??? A Question to be asked!! How can we tell # BACK OFF INDIA #???

The heart of Terai, the city Birganj is the COMMERICAL CITY OF NEPAL where many INDIAN NEPALESE MIGHT LIVE. It could make a division of NEpal into TWO PARTS DUE TO Citizenship ISSUE.. HOw could we tell # Back off INDIA #???


Waiting for the new constitution of Nepal 2072 B.S. ( 2015 A.D)




Well, Constitution of Nepal, Nepalese long awaited constitution is going to arrive in few moments from now. It is about 5:28 pm and the president of Nepal, Ram Baran Yadav is going to arrive soon in the constitution assembly Hall on 5:48 pm and he will declare our new constitution.

I’m inside my room with my mom and my son sleeping aside. My wife was here just before few minutes but she has gone outside for the shopping.yes! we are watching Kantipur TV and listening to the commentary from the constitution assembly Hall, New Baneswor, Kathmandu.

It has delayed for some times because Until 4 pm, Government has appealed a to the dissatisfied Madhesi’s party to come back to the stream line. All the delegates are arriving now.



In the morning, dew falls off pure and clean!!

Morning dew

In the morning pure crystal blue!!

In the morning, a dew falls off pure and crystal clean,

In surge of finding true meanings, thoughts blow up bleen.

Streets are quiet finding its meaning in good,

No one knows where this dead end glues.

Neither you, nor me could seek it through

Just a morning dews could make it hue.

Hues of complexity in purity,

Never have imagine it is true.

Dust above high sky, trying to make the sky blurred,

My clear eyes always there even to see even through the fur.

3:25pm – Me and my Baby at Home

3:25 pm, Home.

My baby is sleeping at the moment after he ate “Cerelac” of just 2 scoops with cow milk. He usually eats one more scoops but, For me, it is a first time that I myself prepared the paste and fed him. Otherwise, his mom always feeds him – the “Cerelac.”    Omg! Today he crossed the boundary line of our room. Actually, there is a small wooden border which protrudes little upward, so that earlier, he couldn’t cross over it. Today he crossed that also and moved to his playing room at home.

Yes, he can crawl now. Today crawled up with the support of his hands and fell down into other side of my body when I was laying creating an obstacle to him. That was also the first time he crossed over the obstacle he was feeling for a month ago. He wants to climb as he moves his feet running over my chest while I carry him.

I go to the cow farm from home to fetch milk every morning 5:30 am. His mom used to go a month ago. I know what came to think of cow milk not appropriate for the time being to my son until he is a year old. But, every person told and said that cow milk is fine even at his months now. Actually, I read it in the internet that there is probability of having listeria ( diarrhea, indigestion, etc ) and only after a year cow milk is ok for the new born baby. It can be feed but not as a main foods, the source said and I read it. But, in reality, Nobody believes me!!….a.o o o And, I believe in Alien on earth is real…… NOBODY Believed me!! …Even more sequences of conflicting beliefs I have been encountering these days at home!!! Huh!!!

Huge earthquakes in kathmandu and future of the city.

In our Nepalese history, on 1934 A.D Earthquake that we might have heard from fathers and grandfathers had occurred some 100 years intervals after 1833 A.D. That was of about 8.4 on rector scale magnitudes whose epicenter lies on Eastern Nepal, Udayapur. On western Nepal, it had some siesmic gaps. Just 3 weeks ago before devastating 25th April, 2015 Earthquake in Nepal, French Geoscientist Laurent Bolinger Group presented a research paper to Nepal Geological society inwhich they digged trunch and done carbon dating and discovered wrench from how long earthquake making epicenter lies at Eastern Nepal. The thrust that had started moving in the year 1255 A.D by then 1/3 or 1/4 lost lives in Kathmandu valley alone. After 89 years on 1344 A.D – thrust between Pokhara and kathmandu had created a huge earthquakes again. Thrust remained there which was predicted to be moved in every decades. Approximately 700 years ago from the movement of eastern thrust, 81 years later, the earthquakes seemed to occur again. But scientific facts tells there hadn’t been any bigger earthquakes in Kathmandu 80-90 years till and Recent 2015, April 25th  earthquake occurred. The prime thrust of this was around in the territory of 150 km radius and more than 200 aftershocks of bigger than 4 rector scales earthquakes has nullified the force conserved. According to preliminary report, Kathmandu city has moved 3 meters west side.

All this information concludes that for the next bigger earthquakes to come, more sliding into Indian Uresian plate and stuck in different areas. The more the movement stops, larger the energy is going to conserved over there and consequently the bigger outcome of earthquakes. For this conserve and come, another 80-90 years will take but the “thrust ” on other areas’ movement possibilities still remains.Earthquakes in kathmandu

For our past experiences, we can confirmed to work on future generation from now on.