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MY blog: why?

My blog and its reason to write: I have been writing my blog for more than 5 years. My blog is about my experience and taste of living through my eyes. In my blog, sometimes, I write about what has been occurring in my life. The picture I try to create may or may not be in a true realities of others’ lives. Writing something goes like reinforcing again in my mind.  This will bring me a whole new experiencing of reliving through blogs once I had left from the reality. I write so it reorganizes in my memory. So, it is a tool for me to pick up a color and paint my life again.

Reasons to write a blog:

From individual to individuals, reasons to write a blog may vary. There has some reasons or a purpose to jot down and reveal everything through writings. And a title may reveal a whole lot of things what we are going to read about in anyone’s writings.

To educate can be a purpose of opening a blog. Giving a right information to the readers is the necessity as far as educating the readers is concerned. Information that the blog is displaying plays a role a lot.

People don’t just seek a mere information, but a use in their lives about what they are reading in their lives. Usable information are shared and recommended often by the readers themselves to others.

Knowledge and wisdom are always seeking by many readers, but this now has been taking a U- turn once INFOTAINMENT  comes into play. Quite a huge shift in using and searching information in the internet.

Revealing the information required by the readers is the key to make readers come again around the blog. This is an important part of writing blogs if you are making a blog for generating revenues. From the right information, the readers can be turned into a potential buyers. Isn’t this a income generating platform for writers turning their blog into revenue generating portal ?

Language learning: How long will it takes?

Learning languages
Learning language

Language learning is a process. It takes time to learn which is true to every learners. Nevertheless whether you are of any age, you can learn a new language. This is an example of self transforming your beings into a new way of thinking process. Learning from an alphabet initially to applying more advanced forms of language, a human mind can actually use his brain to adapt and ultimately use all those details of language forms creatively. Just the brain needs to focus, prioritize and habituate itself into the language.

Conditioning your brain is making yourself in tune to your new habit in a discipline manner. Make your brain in tune to the language you are learning every day. Access your brain every day and of course in every moments and opportunities to use the language you have learned. Here, revision process makes an important role to reinforce what have you learned.

Listening is a skill you will require to understand, interpret, and ultimately speak what you have heard. Listen effectively. Keep notes, and make mind maps wherever possible. Linking yours thoughts with words makes your learning easily accessible. Listen to the way how the speaker is speaking. How the speaker vocalize his words, and how it sounds to you. The stress marks where he forces his voice highs and lows.

Writing them out what you hear, what you see and what you feel is a skill to manifest what are you up to the language that you are learning.  This is actually coordinating your thoughts, brain to the hands and fingers in which you press them to write a beautiful creation.

To make it happen all these with learning a new language, how long will it takes? This is the question that every learner might have asked themselves once in a while learning them out.

How long will it takes to learn a new language?

A simple answer to this question is : it depends how you approach to it. How you treat yourself learning them out. How important is that to you.  What are the implications that you might have been thinking to it. The reasons behind all your learning a new language really impacts how bad you want to learn that any language. The key is where  you focus it grows.

Life Questions to be asked!

Questions to be asked in Life:

LIfe questions to be asked.
Questions to be asked in life

Life Questions to be asked are numerous!  Yes, “Numerous.” We actually don’t know why we are here in this world. This can be everyone’s questions in their mind to find meaning of life which we have got in this world. Searching through the meaning of life by asking ourselves in the right mode of ways which can bring to enlightenment. Questions will still be remained and seeking answer for it. As long as a life continues to remain alive, questions will birth and rebirth into its life.

Basically when we ask questions, “karma of life” generates itself. Through questioning, we will reach to the destiny of all us and the nature of our destiny remains unique to our unique answers of our unique questions.  A question basically generates a seed to implant into the universe which grows and expands as it is continued to be focused. The generation of a full fletched plant out of it remains hidden into the womb of universe until we nurture enough to be sprouted into reality. Reality itself is nothing but the manifestation of our desires, wants, and questions that are seeked to be answered through actions.

What kinds of questions do we ask ourselves? The quality of questions we ask ourselves depends our circumstances and the nature of reality of our world we choose we live within it.

“Ask and we shall receive.” It is just the Karma we create , dwells into continuous birth and rebirth to fulfill our desires and wants. In the universe. we create something out of nothing by asking questions. Questions we ask are so much powerful in a way even to change our reality.

Life questions if not asked in this life, then it continues to dwell into future whether it may be asked by you in the next life of birth. We never know. Questions remain into questions since  we don’t know what we know, and we don’t know what we don’t know. They are remaining inside deep into subconscious, they may be of our past inheritance of many many lives. Who knows!

Simple daily questions we ask ourselves like what to eat today or tonight. How do I go from here to the work? How will I get this work done? How will I manage this or that? Simple questions that we even not think of them sometimes as they have become so regular that it has been occurring even without thinking. But we had had questioned them at its first time, first encounter or first instance from where it has started. Daily questions will always be there dealing with day to day livings.

The question is : Do we ask right questions to deal with all those day to day incidences occurring in our lives? where do these questions leading to us? The answers or the destiny we reached depends on our question we ask in Life. This is undoubtedly true for every beings. Neither we could overcome nor the answer to the specific question differ to the question asked. Something like a nut and a bolt,  a key and a holder, or a password for a specific reality to manifest. Like soil, the universe has every ingredients to manifest what we ask for, and the focus is the key to gather all the required resources to create out of all the questions we seek for the solutions.

Do we like the Life questions answer we got what we have asked for?

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. So, this question come into our mind to answer it by ourselves. Many of the times, our likes and dislikes change through time and even we have never reached to our final preference of our choice. May be God have decided different path of your life. Sometimes we hear these kinds of statements. Until we reach the ultimate destiny, we continue to strive for the answers of our Life questions.

To be obvious, this drama of Life questions and answers to be end soon if we ask right Life questions to eliminate the occurrence of stray off from the path of the right destiny of everyone lives. Asking right questions leads to the destination of suitable state of the soul which is miraculously only state of life ( Parmatma ).

Revision of the lesson you learned.

Revison of the lesson

Revision of the lesson:

Yes revision of the lesson is integral part of your learning process. Once  you learned anything today, you need to revise effectively for your retention in your memory. May be you retain 25 percent of your lesson learned in a day and the next day, even lesser. If you see the graph of your memory retention, it is always a slope downward as the time progresses. Better you revise the lesson learned once for the first time in first 5 mins, then after 30 mins, then after 2 hours and every night before you sleep. After sleep when you wakes up, revise again.And in a week and in a month and so on. This will keep your memory better in order to be exactly original what have you learned later.

Revision process
Revision process

I ask you: is this possible to do this process?  Yes! this is possible. Most students of medical, engineering, mathematics students frequently do this process of revision in the universities. Since it is the only process to get revised effectively when you have learned something new.

Visualisation process of remembering:

To revise mentally. visualising is the key to organise and make your brain active on the things you want to remember later. The process involves to make you feel a reality of future which you will be going to perform later. Visualising; it may feel you  like day dreaming if you are doing at the middle of the group discussion, but things get normal once you practise often and will become quicker.

Visualising like you are doing the things right here mentally will actually do better while at performing in reality. So, you will remember better every time you visualize on your backyard.

Better choose a safe place to sit like inside a library or a park. You can practise visualising walking way to home or work. While sitting inside a cafeteria or canteen while eating, be careful not to chock yourself. Better choose a peace and quiet place since it will be effective visualising things in those calm places.

How do you do while you revise?

While revising, keep your pace a bit faster than your normal reading. Since you don’t want to spent a lot of time just revising and faster revising will not make you bored. Better keep points and head lines at front. Do your intricate work into segregation of your points. Make Mind maps handy linking each other main points together. Linking better is the key to remember everything and revise them with your visualisation faster.

Make your brain active everyday:

Revision makes your brain active every day. It reorganises every time you freshly revise yourself the lesson you have learned. To make your brain active, I won’t remain silent without mentioning the brain foods like omega 3 fatty acid, selenium, vitamin B 12, and of course not the least, glucose.  Not only these I mentioned but a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins which are required for normal functioning of your daily requirement of your body. Regular exercise is the key for every fit and quick mental activities as every 20 mins of regular exercise in the morning will make you fresh through out the whole day and never forget to walk at least 100 steps after you have lunched in the morning.

Why I made a post about revision is that while learning anything either it could your language lessons, reading any course books, or any  important things you are going to learn which is new,  revision makes it fun to be playing a role in your learning process.

A foreign language – Spanish.

Spanish – a foreign language to me:


Yes, Spanish is a foreign language to me. I have been living in Nepal for 38 years of my life.  I speak English, Nepali, a bit Newari, and Spanish which I have been learning for three or four years of my life now. Since spanish is a foreign language to me I have been practising hard since my early phase of learning years. Still I feel missing something until I met Mr. Manuel Blanco, a professor of Spanish language from Madrid, Spain. I will be writing more about him on upcoming posts of my blog in this category. For now, I will be focusing on the language itself and dos’ and don’t kind of stuffs.

Since it’s a foreign language, I have to get accustomed with it fully before I really can make a difference in my way of expressing things in spanish. What do I do to get accustomed with it basically right? My first love with spanish was of course while listening to its beautiful songs – the spanish songs. I never understood at first hand though I loved the harmonious way of singing and the sounds of words that tingles my ears ,and still it does. Alma, the soul loves it. Though I couldn’t sing it like singer did, mentally I sang with it, I murmured some words and tried to catch with the tone the way the singer had sung. But , even though, I didn’t even understood what it really meant. Still I don’t know many of it, but the experiences are having being beautiful forever.

Before we really get into the language, we have to understand its basic structure which I have been doing by learning grammar. You can learn its grammar by any means but it has never been completed until you have been understood by the native spanish speakers. The intent we make to understand should be fully understood by the listener. While in your learning phase, you still need to make a complete sentence which have a meaning or a sense. A sentence with a proper structure conveys its meaning appropriately. This rule applies in any languages.

The sound how you pronounced while speaking plays a very crucial role on how you will be conveying your message. The pronunciation of spanish words are different to English pronunciation. I have been struggling hard to speak better in Spanish since my accent has been influenced more by English pronunciation.  The stress mark and the force that I have to make while enunciating the words are different in Spanish and English. You can be lucky in this case if you haven’t really got deeply accustomed into the way English people speaks, you can dive into Spanish pronunciation at first hand and get used to it. Whoever comes first, marks a distinct place into your memory, and this is true in my case.

My learning into spanish didn’t make a sense to me when I first discovered myself that the way I speak spanish wasn’t being understood by native spanish speaker, especially the spanish professor.  ” Open Your Mouth! ” This is the phrase I have been encountered several times, and speak with a proper structure to convey the meaning effectively. Use short sentences which will clarify the meaning clearly rather than speaking long and ambiguous sentences with no sense sometimes. For the sake of just talk, you can talk and make your sentences in anyway. But, for effective and proper convey of sense or meaning, you need to use and do the correct pronunciation and make structure of the sentences effectively.

After proper and correct convey of meaning while speaking and writing as well, we could go learning into Spanish literatures. In the century of gold, there were many excellent Spanish writers born, and Spanish literatures had been written. The most important of them were:

1. Miguel de Servantes : Don Quijote de la mancha

2. Lope de vegas : El cabellero del omledo

3. Fransico de quededor y villagas : El buscon ( con tilde a vocal o)

4. Fernando de Rojas : La celistina

5. Anonymous writer: La lazarillo de tormes