Journey of a soul

Journey begins:

A soul begins to travel in its journey . Either with his conscious being or being subconscious, journey of a soul begins when he has infinite desires unfoldings layers by layers. We “ Souls” live by our wants and desires to fulfill that never ends – never ending desires, thirsts are simply exist as we simply breathe to live. Ironically, we don’t live life without those desires – really! they are necessary. This is also a truth that Journey of a soul never ends until we have those desires. If this is true then when did we really started our souls’ journey?

Journey of a soul
Journey of a soul

An Egg or a chicken first?

Putting into a perspective as an Egg or a chicken first, how a soul started his journey or when really did he started his journey seems satisfied to me. It can be answered really well, if we have identified when did the life really start on earth? –  Why on earth only? Life has been existed beyond our earth, which I believe this truly. It may be just my belief and not necessarily everyone should follow it. ( giggles) Beginning of a journey of  a soul might have really been someone’s desires!! May be God’s desire?

God’s aspect of my belief

If God has ever existed then he must be a first soul – a super soul – a grand soul ( Paratma) or a higher soul; a beginning of all soul where we all resides into it after we all die.  Why would A GOD create a soul. He must have some intention – a purpose. If that is so, what is it? and Why is it necessary to create or manifest a soul into a human or animals? Purpose of a journey of a soul – why he doesn’t remember and have to find out on his own until journey ends. I believe his journey ends – really ? but if he takes an another form of life again then ? Journey never ends by this way. In one of the other perspective what if we all have a journey to go and unite into the “Paratma” and, then this will be clear to us “what is the purpose of our journeys to wander soul into forms of life?”. To know really understand this I myself convinced to take support of belief of Karma.

Karma – a concept that I perceived

Karma in a journey of a soul
Karma in a journey of a soul

Journey of a soul in which Karma I believe a form entangle with our desires and wants. Lets see Karma as What you see and do, you get the same in return. If you create Karma for something you want to do and you did it. Then, in the form of something, it will get to you back. It seems a circular beings but in fact it is a spiral.  Because, around us we have a TIME as  a dimension along with us.

Spiral journey
Spiral Journey





A design of a writer’s craft – his Life’s craft!

A design of writer's craft - a life's craft

A design of a writer’s craft – his Life’s craft To  make his craft a success, a lot of endurance, perseverance and  patience are required while making  his craft,  and is inevitable that those he needs it often.

An intricate design of your craft, before you make it a success, a passion with lots of perseverance is an essential ingredients of your design. Failures are inevitable before you even taste a success. Innumerable incidences of falling behind can make your way vanished even before you see the first rays of hope. All tried rules of success may fail upon you because they don’t work on you.

How do you want to design your Life’s craft? Is it worth to return again what you are aiming in your life? — Perseverance is the key! my mind goes into flashback of my memory as I remembered my Life coach feedbacked me about my life’s endurance. Whether you go there or here, moving like a wave of ocean, when it got stagnant is actually where your current state of your mind is.

What do you want? What actually do you want? Because you need many things in your life. I suppose , all you want!! Another Life question I put, ” How do you know, that you want is ………..? Will you change your mind if you are going to take it in a minute?  Give a honest test to yourself. When you don’t have any obligations, When you are free at the moment, When you don’t have to feed your stomach now. Then, What do you want to do? Wherever your mind goes  is Where your Heart is FULL STOP

Another Life question I put, ” Where do you want to focus on?”  Wherever you focus, it grows, and expand. You will create a force of attraction wherever you focus on. This is  natural and so simple.  If you focus on Life’s craft- a design, You are going to make that!!  Focus is the key!! My Life coach revealed.


A beginning of my writing journey -writer’s craft

Beginning of his writing journey - writer's craft!
Beginning of his writing journey!

A beginning of my Writing journey – writer’s craft to shape into a tree of branches of leaves and more is aiming on me. My  journey is unique like everyone else. This is what I think of Writing early. Whether I began it with a suspense or a smile. No doubt, my life’s craft comes into a shape of writings is worthy. Lets not make it end by saying so, as for me it’s a new beginning.  Still to make it worth in times to come is remaining.

I wonder if someone might think of it before. How character shapes into own writings if you are a fiction or a non fiction writers. Making characters of a Novel, for instance, lively, pop up and create out of the book into realities which of course means into imagination of readers so real. How could the use of tools by writers make it so.

We all are born of our own perspectives. It’s where there is a catch, I guess. I’m sure, these unique perspectives what makes us so different, and these unique perspectives are based on facts. To have an angle of approach on writing is to catch up with what we try to display on to the world. The settings, we create, is where characters come into play by how we set it. So, a stage with characters, how could we make it live?   – Put some spices!!

This will bring a shape of characters. Where there is a shape, the character will bring his voice. When a voice come into play, I think the writing piece will have a “LIFE.”

I search for a voice — a voice that I have lost ! May be this one a good beginning , ” Searching for a voice that I have lost.” By the way, it’s the voice that I have been looking for.  “Within me” PERIOD

My Writing journey obviously begins. Do I have a VOICE? I think this is to be answered by the readers.