Say whatever you like in this page!! Just spill out lol



Lets say :

Freedom is fun, and if you utilize boredom, can be freedom; freedom to choose and do whatever you want.  Is this what todays teenagers think nowadays? This may apply to any general man and woman who are mature enough to live life on his/her own. If you live in Kathmandu, what are your options to choose to utilize your boredom and have fun? Lets not go into these stuffs!  What a general man will do if he is of constant failure in his eduction – the education I am talking of now is what our society has imposed to do about. For example, you need to be a doctor! You need to be an engineer!! You have to study science!!… Yes of course science – everything is a science…Astrology is a science, Philosophy is a science. You just have to be a scholar in life. This is what I think.

You may say Damn! What you think! How much have you earned yet? You are now of age 41 and how are you going to survive to feed your wife and a new born son with Astrology and Philosophy? Come on Shree!! Yes, this is what I think too. Either I needn’t have to marry and make kids or I wouldn’t think like of Jogibaba stuff.  Come on.. this make me think why on earth like this? Science have yet not able to give reason or answer why you are born, why he is born, why she is born, why a baby has born..right?  Why we are here? What is the purpose of life on earth? Mind you, I say “on earth..”

Basically we are on earth.

Have we choose to live in our body on earth? Can you now guess what I want to say and thinking about? If you haven’t yet guessed, please read on….If you have guessed then stop reading and do what were you doing..come on , don’t waste your time in here reading this.

-I think they have guessed right, I ‘m talking of a soul.  Atma!   I haven’t seen it really!! So, I stop writing now. Cool stuff huh!! Finished.

You may say CoMe on Shree!!  Just forget it.

Say everything is boredom!!



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