A chaos and an order – everywhere we see!

Chaos and order

A chaos and an order:

The natural tendency of the nature is a Chaosity. But, these tendency of Chaosity is being balanced by an order.  The order in nature is being created by an action of a force. The force could be an intention of being calm, purity, and peace. In a Life, I feel such a force of attraction which makes a chaos into an order. A peacefulness and calmness are natural characteristics of a soul of being.

We can see in the nature; a river flows from high to low levels of the ground. Dusts fill all the place no matter how many times we sweep over it.  A magnet can charge an iron rode whose molecules are in chaos by nature. Imagine an act of a farmer who ploughs a land for farming and grows crops for human food needs. The wild animals are being tamed for use in domestic purposes. A carpenter makes a beautiful wood designs from the woods of a tree.  Even the governments are formed to control the societies and their activities for the welfare of the people.

If we see how lives are created, how buds are sprouted and forms a flower. How a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly ; these extraordinary creation and transformation of lives are possible only in a controlled environment i.e by an order or alignments of all required ingredients into a giant visible matter.  All the required physical forces are aligned, oriented and acted in such a way to form a spiritual entry into a non living ingredients miraculously to form a living soul. This is just incredible to see how life forms into a body,  grows,  and cremated into an earth again.  A life exists because it has been fulfilling  all the required environment to survive. A natural tendency of a living beings in peace and calmness – an order, orientation into a direction or a destiny I suppose.

A beautiful transformation


Development halts in Nepal!!

Blockage of road

Nepal border

Recent Development on energy crisis, and blockade of free movement of vehicles due to it, have urged all Nepalese to look into the alternative energy resources available in the country. Nepalese can’t deny that even if we have found sites of energy availability in Nepal, it will take time of 4 – 5 years sort out all the details regarding this.  Construct the Energy plant and make it reach to the local people is possible only the government invest by giving it priorities and fund flow to this project. The question still hits on our mind, What’s for now? How will we going to bridge the crisis of energy that we are now facing if the scenario of road and border blocks continues? If we think of this situation intricately, then agenda of the individual who are supposed to look after the crisis, their actions if push to run into their mere personal interests and their parties interests, development halts severely, no doubt at all.

We have to look this matter seriously, as the leaders in Nepal hesitate to do so until they see profits of their own and parties. Development in Nepal has been badly affected. Industries halted, Schools closed. Its seems we are locked into this situation inside – the diversity of place made itself difficult. Valley and higher hilly regions are deprived of foods supply and medicines. The energy crisis will remain the crisis until the china borders are permeable easily to the Nepalese valley and mountains. Otherwise, the Nepalese, ourselves have to generate fuels for the country.

There are energy resources within the country itself. There is no doubt on this. News regarding the findings of place where there are reservoir of gases and raw petroleum at front. Some young scientist of Nepal even cracked it out the model for fuel from plants found abundantly in Nepal. We don’t really have to invent the wheel as resources are already in Nepal. A new legislation has to be here in order to make the new policy and implement the plan. The Bureaucracy of Nepalese government should improved. The outside influence to the government should manage well enough to direct into the welfare of the people of Nepal. For optimum stability of the market and service to the people, the black marketing of fuel and commodities should be discouraged and the government should intervene into the situation making the favorable environment for the good entrepreneurship to flourish. The sustainable growth of Nepal yet to be dawn. Tumble down of the economic growth here now we see in the country. Nepal has halted its development now.