Baby and me – Now baby time !!!

Baby and me!!

Baby time:

My baby is taking a nap after his cerelac and some milk. He is growing up and I think needs more attention as he is trying everything around he sees, hears, and touches. He speaks his own words now. Da da..Ba ba..Da da da da. It’s lovely to hear him speak.  He can walk on his feet now, and crawl steps of the ladder next to our door. He moves around and sometimes plays his favorite tune in his tricycle. Continue reading “Baby and me – Now baby time !!!”

The sun shines !! keeping waiting!! January 1, 2015

The Sun shines!!  Walking journey seemed good!

Jan 1,  2015

The sun shines! keeping me waiting!
The sun shines though dimmer makes me warmer!

The Sun shines yesterday finally a bit. It was little raining at this time on 11 am. Finally the sun shown lately keeping me waiting,  after 1 pm though dimmer, it had actually made my heart little warmer!

Yesterday, began with the day – chilly cold. Wearing a high neck sweater and  pants, and a woolen cap, and the file in hands moved myself with a place where I needed to be. Waiting for the new expectation, new information – just new everything. Beginning of the new year seemed waiting – keeping waiting half of the day. Until the sun shown and number of sausages into my mouth feeling free of cold and  hunger. Full tummy warmer clothes standing up on cliff of the house made me look far some expectation, hope and the sun piercing the clouds.  It makes me little warmer.

Last night, little raining though the wet streets in the morning – not much colder I feel but a bit refreshed, and clarity in the eyes with clean environment. I think I am waiting for something, someone eagerly and just lack some preparation of it. Just a while ago, I have exchanged the Thermos which was being complained of not keeping hot for 24 hours. On the way home, for the first time, bought some two and half meters long blanket – I feel this would work out later. Though a bit large, I thought it can be folded or cut later into two halves. I reminded of Thermocoat which I didn’t find at the time.

I have been walking a long way – it is good! Saving some dineros! I have put them in a box to grow. I wish I could get this one into compounding for more up to yet another 30 years! I also felt this time being insider. Insider in the sense the hidden value which every things have. In the market, the shopkeepers are selling the Clothes in Double folds or even in triple folds. I figured it out it is true. The blanket which cost $240 for them was being sold for $400 – almost double!

The sun still shines while  I’m writing this. What’s the heck! you would say. But it is important for me and my warm waiting journey. I’ m walking though whenever I find a time. A single dime will useful for me to make a rhyme. Rhyme for waiting Journey.  I wish I could make a Rhyme for this now……………………………………..

Esperando para ti, Es importante pare mi.

Vuelve pronto! Nos veremos junto a aqui.


Sin veremos, Sin saberemos,

Nada, Nada – Solo para ti.

Esperando para ti.  y tuyo naciomente!!

Mi hijo, si es para ti!!

The sun shines – as it is shining now and will shine tomorrow ;  has begun the New year 2015. Filled the first blank page of 365 days with eagerly waiting – it keeps me waiting and waiting………………sin Duda!! Gracias!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 – Just the beginning!!

Year 2015 – Just going to begin in few moments.

How Time has passed so quickly. Of course, some good as well as challenging moments. Words are so deep if we go beyond our comprehension why we are now as we are. Simple thoughts: the way we are now is the consequence of what we have thought early. Surprisingly true in every sense I see myself now and then.

Moments to cherish in respect to personal achievements are though few. I have enjoyed my previous year 2014 very well. No matter how I had begun, the result has been in my eyes as I believe it can be true. Still some of the things I should make on moving at this time further and further. Just to make that happen and will happen one day.

It’s not where we are now. The question is where we are going and what do we want. Basically, Yes! What do I want? Do I want change now?

The question still unanswered in the beginning of the new year 2015. A new comer is on the way. I have to make certain changes on schedule and habits I should say. No matter how I would be presenting myself in future. The question will be answered soon. How would I be going for making changes. The change is certain. Nobody can deny it.

Living on to the next level – beginning of the new year 2015

The next level will  be beginning as the new year begins 2015. This is certain as the SUN in the sky and the ocean on earth. Living on to the next level 2015 ; Planning on this requires a support from my loved ones and friends. Though I would be writing less on how will be the next level of living that I have imagined. I would like to focus on the consequence i.e. the end result.

NEW YEAR 2015 might have already begun now IN Australia. Will be soon arriving here in my place. Tomorrow will be Jan 1, 2015. Eagerly waiting!!

New year 2015 - just the beginning!
New year 2015 – Just the beginning!!

Morning 9:48 am:

I have already lunched and trying to do the things that has been left to do for two days which was postponed due to function in the home.

The certain things which I told earlier means the work out of my self esteem and its barriers to remain consistent. The other things could be the memory wear and tear ; the concept, my belief, and the obstacles in manifesting the end result.

It’s a bit chilly this morning. No sun shine still. It’s a new year day. There are remaining 356 days to fill the blank pages of year 2015. Have to fill it in proper way. No more quarrels, No more misunderstandings, no more pampering, no more ego head – just no more……

You know what it is. What are behind all those lives and activities. You are always with your Eagle eyes. Let it calm yourself to hold the drain energies. Fill it with something which you feel to be now.

THE POWER OF NOW! YES…the first day of January kicks off……….

Happy New year to all and what are your new year resolution??

A foreign language – Spanish.

Spanish – a foreign language to me:


Yes, Spanish is a foreign language to me. I have been living in Nepal for 38 years of my life.  I speak English, Nepali, a bit Newari, and Spanish which I have been learning for three or four years of my life now. Since spanish is a foreign language to me I have been practising hard since my early phase of learning years. Still I feel missing something until I met Mr. Manuel Blanco, a professor of Spanish language from Madrid, Spain. I will be writing more about him on upcoming posts of my blog in this category. For now, I will be focusing on the language itself and dos’ and don’t kind of stuffs.

Since it’s a foreign language, I have to get accustomed with it fully before I really can make a difference in my way of expressing things in spanish. What do I do to get accustomed with it basically right? My first love with spanish was of course while listening to its beautiful songs – the spanish songs. I never understood at first hand though I loved the harmonious way of singing and the sounds of words that tingles my ears ,and still it does. Alma, the soul loves it. Though I couldn’t sing it like singer did, mentally I sang with it, I murmured some words and tried to catch with the tone the way the singer had sung. But , even though, I didn’t even understood what it really meant. Still I don’t know many of it, but the experiences are having being beautiful forever.

Before we really get into the language, we have to understand its basic structure which I have been doing by learning grammar. You can learn its grammar by any means but it has never been completed until you have been understood by the native spanish speakers. The intent we make to understand should be fully understood by the listener. While in your learning phase, you still need to make a complete sentence which have a meaning or a sense. A sentence with a proper structure conveys its meaning appropriately. This rule applies in any languages.

The sound how you pronounced while speaking plays a very crucial role on how you will be conveying your message. The pronunciation of spanish words are different to English pronunciation. I have been struggling hard to speak better in Spanish since my accent has been influenced more by English pronunciation.  The stress mark and the force that I have to make while enunciating the words are different in Spanish and English. You can be lucky in this case if you haven’t really got deeply accustomed into the way English people speaks, you can dive into Spanish pronunciation at first hand and get used to it. Whoever comes first, marks a distinct place into your memory, and this is true in my case.

My learning into spanish didn’t make a sense to me when I first discovered myself that the way I speak spanish wasn’t being understood by native spanish speaker, especially the spanish professor.  ” Open Your Mouth! ” This is the phrase I have been encountered several times, and speak with a proper structure to convey the meaning effectively. Use short sentences which will clarify the meaning clearly rather than speaking long and ambiguous sentences with no sense sometimes. For the sake of just talk, you can talk and make your sentences in anyway. But, for effective and proper convey of sense or meaning, you need to use and do the correct pronunciation and make structure of the sentences effectively.

After proper and correct convey of meaning while speaking and writing as well, we could go learning into Spanish literatures. In the century of gold, there were many excellent Spanish writers born, and Spanish literatures had been written. The most important of them were:

1. Miguel de Servantes : Don Quijote de la mancha

2. Lope de vegas : El cabellero del omledo

3. Fransico de quededor y villagas : El buscon ( con tilde a vocal o)

4. Fernando de Rojas : La celistina

5. Anonymous writer: La lazarillo de tormes