2:46 pm, 17 June, 2018

2:26 pm. 17 June 2018,

Feeling: Idealistically thinking, the country is on the path of economic development. The government has made a determined goal to upgrade the country into a developed country by 2020 A.D. The income of Nepalese vision to increase by a fold to Rs. 2 Lac per annum by 5 years from now?

Activities: I’m going to Surkhet via Nepalgunj. It is my first time to be in there.

1. To support Father in his work of Survey in due course of travel.

2. To visit Mid-Western University located in Surkhet.

3. To try to attend a seminar or any workshop going to be held on Tuesday, 18th Jun 2018.

4. Explore the place so that I can come to the place later on.

5. Eat minimally possible, Stay with Veggie rather than Non-Veggie strictly.







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