3:25pm – Me and my Baby at Home

3:25 pm, Home.

My baby is sleeping at the moment after he ate “Cerelac” of just 2 scoops with cow milk. He usually eats one more scoops but, For me, it is a first time that I myself prepared the paste and fed him. Otherwise, his mom always feeds him – the “Cerelac.”    Omg! Today he crossed the boundary line of our room. Actually, there is a small wooden border which protrudes little upward, so that earlier, he couldn’t cross over it. Today he crossed that also and moved to his playing room at home.

Yes, he can crawl now. Today crawled up with the support of his hands and fell down into other side of my body when I was laying creating an obstacle to him. That was also the first time he crossed over the obstacle he was feeling for a month ago. He wants to climb as he moves his feet running over my chest while I carry him.

I go to the cow farm from home to fetch milk every morning 5:30 am. His mom used to go a month ago. I know what came to think of cow milk not appropriate for the time being to my son until he is a year old. But, every person told and said that cow milk is fine even at his months now. Actually, I read it in the internet that there is probability of having listeria ( diarrhea, indigestion, etc ) and only after a year cow milk is ok for the new born baby. It can be feed but not as a main foods, the source said and I read it. But, in reality, Nobody believes me!!….a.o o o And, I believe in Alien on earth is real…… NOBODY Believed me!! …Even more sequences of conflicting beliefs I have been encountering these days at home!!! Huh!!!

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