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An approach to my Life

A little change towards my approach to view my life as it is going by without noticing my age. Basically, I’m not strictly considering by what age should a person be doing at certain things. I believe everyone has their own pace and time, and basically, you need to be healthy and conscious of what you really want to become or do at that moments of time.

I, again basically believe the time is an illusion, but you can see your body degrading as the time passes. Again, basically, it depends on what you eat and drink. My question is ” Can you make your body young once you get degraded by age?” – Well yes, you can maintain your body by the way not to degrade before actually it really happens, but once it gets old as the signs and marks, wrinkles, white hairs appeared, can it be reverted back?

What you eat, you become approach to life
What you eat, you become!

I think, we can find a solution regarding this by searching on what the science has been finding progresses. One thing I have had in my mind and it still exists about the detoxification of the body. I had tried on my own but I need to have someone back to look after all what I need to do. So, be cautious with trying on your own. I have had tried some natural detoxification remedies and turned myself into bed and had needed to see the Physician.

An another thing I have had in my mind is constant improvement of skills and attitude for the way you approach life – my emotional and mental well beings. I kept struggling on this once in a while at home and outside. What actually we all need is a stable, an efficient mind with a sound balanced emotional state of it. What do you think? Is it possible to have really a balanced and peaceful state of the mind in a chaotic world we live in? I again see a duality in this situation of existence.

The situation we have above is the same as our Blood pressure readings. Can you guess what I mean? If no, then imagine a stagnant pool of water, then you throw stones creating ripples inside. More the stones hit the water, ripples overlap and intersect each other. Once we stop throwing the stones, after a while, it again gets stagnant until again disturbed by something else. Our mind is having the same thing. Agree? Please comment by signing in.

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