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Background needs

As far as my background needs are concerned, I have a diverse background with studies of science, biology, management, and humanities. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in International Development and co-operation from a mid-western university located in Nepal. I have to submit a thesis before completion of the masters’ academic course. Regarding my admission to the University of People recently, I have been thinking of pursuing MBA since a very long time back, that has become reality through this online international course. I am encouraged to apply, and since I haven’t done any of the English tests like TOEFL, PTE, or IELTS before, here I am with you guys for this English course which is prerequisite for admission to US colleges for international students like me. Hope to get along with you all and the course fully.

According to Maslow (1970) hierarchy of needs, one wants to do something because of its own various levels of needs. For me, going to college at my age of 44 years, among the hierarchy of needs; social needs, esteems needs, cognitive needs, aesthetic needs, and self-actualization needs are triggering at various points of time and moments. Explaining a bit about all the needs mentioned require a lot more space. So instead, one thing I would like to say is the above mentioning needs from Maslow fits me in my life when expressing myself why I want to go to the college again.


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I chose one of the readings of Chapter one of the book named “In Cuba I was a German Shepherd” by Ana Menéndez.  Since I found out it’s a nonfictional creative tale which I love to read, I picked up this tale to read rather than the fictional “Ghosts” the other one.  The tale seems to be about the Author’s journey to Cuba and this was just the first chapter. I liked the tale as the Author depicted the conversation with the character of the tale and some of them spoke Spanish which I loved reading them.

(Menéndez, 2001, p 3, pp 24) states “Raῠl and Máximo had lived on the same street El Vedado street in Havana for fifteen years before the revolution.”

    “¿Qué pasa, chico?” said by Máximo (Menéndez, 2001, p11) which was in Spanish conversation that I reminded of speaking myself Spanish in Language class.

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