Year 2022
Life, Memoir, Nepal

Beginning of the Year 2022

The Year 2022 begins!! How are you doing? Life’s moving on? Wow! That’s pretty good!! I know I can see the other sides of the life which is lurking behind. But, let’s hope for the best! You know what I mean. It’s the beginning of the week and two weeks on the way. Things are quite changed and I am feeling it though seems getting back to the Year 2021. Lets not be like that, I swear!

Words are weak now. Have you noticed this? I’m writing after a long time. Presences of good things, and not good things; all seems in the mind. What can change it is just me and my mind!! Have you seen the movie, Matrix!! I’m sure you would, and if you haven’t, you can watch it, no problem!! The world will be different after you watch it. I’m pretty sure about it, thanks!!

Beginning of the Year 2022, again with the invisible viruses crawling like bugs in Matrix. Thinking again, life would be same as the previous but not hoping it again. Oh not again!! Everyone’s seem feel like this! aren’t you? Boring but tough! quite tough situation again. Just facing it like everyone else here in my place. The third wave in the Year 2022. Lets hope to pass by quickly.

Schools are closed down for 15 days. Seems like winter vacation begins. Just hope to open as everything’s normal again. Public places are still open. The government officials says, not likely to close down. The things need to improve. Vaccine card need to show up before we enter those places. The country is likely to overcome the financial liquidity in the market this month. So, the government is not in the mood to close it down still. Am I sure what I think this way?

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