Consciousness as a Development Indicator

Can we include Consciousness as a Development Indicator?

Consciousness as a Development Indicator

First of all, I Would like to say that the aim of development, modernization like we see from developed countries in the west – seems not what it is. Development seems multidimensional and holistic. Theories that are made in regards to development, when we see them from realities, we feel if something is missing. That’s not all what we are measuring. But even if we go deepening our critical insight into play, they don’t seem to offer any alternatives. And that is a big Dilemma over all.

To overcome and come out of these Dilemmas, what could be one of the indicators of development if possible to measure it scientifically.  If we are able to measure Consciousness of whole living beings, then that can be multidimensional and holistic as similar to the nature of development we see. And, to explain it more, when we are conscious of development then we feel development. Even if we see something under developing with the lenses of the present development indicators, looking through the lenses of consciousness it may represent different and complete in itself.

So, if we take consciousness as a Indicator, it doesn’t only refer to individualism as in the case of Amartysen capability approach, but it can be refer to global as global consciousness, if we are able to measure and interpret it.

So, with the present world of questioning to Development itself like whether we need development or not, why paradigms have been shifting and lots of variation in alternative development we see – consciousness could be the development indicators to make present world perception of development to complete and make the process in wholeness.

If we go to consciousness taking into consideration, we would be going to address its high energy fields. So, As we come to know that everything is energy and energy has its own field. So, in this perspective if we look development, Development is a high energy field. This can also be included in Human development, culture and power – which are nothing but the high energy fields.

When we are going to address high energy fields, then certainly we would be analyzing in terms of their frequencies of energy fields. From single energy fields to combine with multiple energy fields, we would be looking its combined form and may call it synergy or combined consciousness of same frequencies.

So, we would be able to look into development from subtle level of human existence, then this could be accurate in terms of holistic, multidimensional and energy fields that we are analyzing development in terms of consciousness, energy and frequencies.

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