Chinese President Visit to Nepal
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Chinese President Xi Jinping

First of all, It’s a great honor to Nepal for the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping although it was a short stay of 2 days at Kathmandu. I am not concerned about the date of visit, but the time when the Chinese president was here in Kathmandu, was the time for the festival. The festival was about to end and the next festival of Tihar was going to the front.

We can’t deny that we have a very unique bilateral relationship with China as we have with other neighbors. Chinese President focused on to make Nepal a Landlinked country from Landlocked which is a part of his ambitious project of One road belt in the south Asia pacific regions.

The live broadcasting of the visit was not possible at the time, but it was not much concerned as we all know about the security of the President’s was on the front. I feel like Big brother was on arrival when the Chinese president’s arrival on the news at home Kathmandu.

As a Small brother, we must have an equal and harmonious relationship with all brothers. We must able to look at it as a home and the family members. When the visit was on the news, the environment was as such. The feast was on the mood of Nepalese; like at home, the family members gather during festivals.

Just a harmonious visit, leadership talks, foods, and feasts, meeting with old friends, doing support to the family home and next day a wonderfully memorable, historical exit from the Chinese president. It’s been a long time ever since the Chinese President visited Nepal.

We are all locked up in the history of this incidence. We must be proud of this. Do you feel so? Well, Everyone has their own opinions. The other neighbors may view this as we shouldn’t be tilted more towards big Chinese brothers. Indians brothers are there in the south, Americans are there who have also supported Nepal since the 1950s or more years back.

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