dew falls off pure and clean
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Dew falls off pure and clean

Natural beauties so charismatic dew falls off pure and clean. It lingers fair enough for a long time before it really falls down purifying the soil beneath. In the beneath, soil starts to give rebirths of the lives. The lives cherish once pure and clean droplets of dews fall down a moment to moment. Some disappear in the air; evaporates into the sky.

Dew falls off pure and clean; vanishes in the sky puff puff. Then the moisture continues to form dews in the mornings. Crystals balls on the green leafs beautifully standstill, reflecting the morning lights with dazzlings sparkling eyes. Liquids white silver eyes sparkle until the soft wind blow dashes dew to fall off pure and clean.

I am surprised when a dew rolls itself down the large leaves, reaches the tip of it and bulges out bigger and bigger and then it falls off pure and clean down to the earth. Wind, Sun, and the Sky; dew has a beautiful combination of elements to the moisture of the surroundings. It’s a tiny part of the building blocks of life.

Dew changes its color; sometimes rainbow in it, green, blue, white, red – the way a dew creates in the lives of leaves. A very rolling life of it sometimes as it changes its a direction of falls as a direction of winds, following the most one looking for the change – a wind blows in the morning: it falls off pure and clean.

As everything has an end. A beautiful creation of nature creates and everything has a time to its end. Once dew falls off touches the earth rolls down the leaves and quenches the thirst of the eyes, insects, birds, and for the new lives. It’s pure clean and fresh. Life in the nature of blue dews. As the dew falls off creates.………………

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