How do we measure development

How do you see Development?

Development in current scenario

How do you see Development in this current scenario of disparity and inequality of income, status and state of beings?

We see construction of buildings, employment generation, rise in Gross national income in developed countries every decades or so. But, in the same place rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. There are slums on the other sides of lofty building and offices like in india.

Urbanization has been creating from rural regions and this trend is being spreading quickly. It can be due to development of infrastructure and quick access to information. People in the underdeveloped countries are more quickly and easily getting benefits of urbanization than the urbanized places in developed countries. For instance, access to phone calls rates are more cheaper in the urbanization of developing countries than in the urbanization of  developed countries. Local transportation are cheaply available than having your own private vehicle. Disparity exists in terms of experiences we get.

In slums people are not getting enough  health care, education, sanitation and clean drinking water while on the other hand, the case is different. Higher purchasing power due to increase in income and employment, they are getting better in credits from banks, good sanitation, enough foods and drinking water with better education to their children. But, they could live unhealthy, short lived,and have many interrelation problems in the family. ‘ Disparity do exits.

Similarly, in developed countries crime, corruption exits.


How do we measure development?

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