International Co-operation

international cooperation

International cooperation:

The word “Co-operation” signifies Support. Further we can say its mutual support when we say Development co-operation, and Development co-operation is one of the part of international co-operation which is Global form of assistance given from Developed countries to underdeveloped countries and other way around if we say International cooperation as mutual.

The need of this International cooperation arises primarily because of economic crisis and due to natural calamities and famines and others. For example: Poverty, one of the worldwide prominent problem and issue in which the international co-operation can make important contribution to alleviate and totally eradicate it since this has really impacted indirectly to developed countries themselves in issues of human rights, crime, social injustice and inequality. Now, the question is “Is it possible to eradicate poverty and issues related to it genuinely from all the countries and ensure that everyone feel prosper?” This is itself very challenging now.

Looking in terms of nature of International cooperation, we can see different underlying interest or we can say vested interests along with the international cooperation that the donor country gives to the recipient countries. It’s like give and take relationship among the donor and recipient countries. Sometimes, International cooperation of giving AID could be changing the Under developed countries” government policy itself. This could be high level diplomatic international and strategic relationship that may even feel to the recipient country probing to their sovereignty and solidarity, which can be very sensitive to deal with.

Development cooperation of EU, for example to their recipient countries is politically driven for democratization as well and give assistance in supporting good governance which are their one of the global interest but ultimately for security of their own citizen at first hand because they want peace and protection from Terrorism. And, those who are labeled as terrorist may call themselves as Revolutionary on the other hand. This complex issue to see and understand their strategy as a third separate country, we and What choices we have to make in our development in terms of social security and so on, is very much crucial and complex.

Everything has positive and negative side of it and we can’t deny it because it’s natural in the sense of duality. International cooperation also seems duality in nature. Countries like us should be very capable in terms of dealings and negotiations and we should be able to raise Voices for our own born rights such as in culture and Indigenous practices and others and protect them which are valuable and shouldn’t be wiped out in the name of International development cooperation in developing regions, places and local communities.

So, this is why we say International cooperation is not without controversy.

International co-operation arises in technology transfer, financial aid, Global public goods accessibility and global partnership. Now in Sustainable Development Goals, Level of private partnership has widely addressed. So that sustainable development is only possible through partnership of even local and private bodies within the countries.

So International cooperation may come for supporting entrepreneurship; promoting local products, ideas mobilizing local communities funded by private bodies in collaboration with international funding agency supporting manpower, knowledge and advanced technologies.


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