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Om Mani Padme hom

MY blog: why?

My blog and its reason to write: I have been writing my blog for more than 5 years. My blog is about my experience and taste of living through my eyes. In my blog, sometimes, I write about what has been occurring in my life. The picture I try to create may or may not be in a true realities of others’ lives. Writing something goes like reinforcing again in my mind.  This will bring me a whole new experiencing of reliving through blogs once I had left from the reality. I write so it reorganizes in my memory. So, it is a tool for me to pick up a color and paint my life again.

Reasons to write a blog:

From individual to individuals, reasons to write a blog may vary. There has some reasons or a purpose to jot down and reveal everything through writings. And a title may reveal a whole lot of things what we are going to read about in anyone’s writings.

To educate can be a purpose of opening a blog. Giving a right information to the readers is the necessity as far as educating the readers is concerned. Information that the blog is displaying plays a role a lot.

People don’t just seek a mere information, but a use in their lives about what they are reading in their lives. Usable information are shared and recommended often by the readers themselves to others.

Knowledge and wisdom are always seeking by many readers, but this now has been taking a U- turn once INFOTAINMENT  comes into play. Quite a huge shift in using and searching information in the internet.

Revealing the information required by the readers is the key to make readers come again around the blog. This is an important part of writing blogs if you are making a blog for generating revenues. From the right information, the readers can be turned into a potential buyers. Isn’t this a income generating platform for writers turning their blog into revenue generating portal ?

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