HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 – Just the beginning!!

Year 2015 – Just going to begin in few moments.

How Time has passed so quickly. Of course, some good as well as challenging moments. Words are so deep if we go beyond our comprehension why we are now as we are. Simple thoughts: the way we are now is the consequence of what we have thought early. Surprisingly true in every sense I see myself now and then.

Moments to cherish in respect to personal achievements are though few. I have enjoyed my previous year 2014 very well. No matter how I had begun, the result has been in my eyes as I believe it can be true. Still some of the things I should make on moving at this time further and further. Just to make that happen and will happen one day.

It’s not where we are now. The question is where we are going and what do we want. Basically, Yes! What do I want? Do I want change now?

The question still unanswered in the beginning of the new year 2015. A new comer is on the way. I have to make certain changes on schedule and habits I should say. No matter how I would be presenting myself in future. The question will be answered soon. How would I be going for making changes. The change is certain. Nobody can deny it.

Living on to the next level – beginning of the new year 2015

The next level will  be beginning as the new year begins 2015. This is certain as the SUN in the sky and the ocean on earth. Living on to the next level 2015 ; Planning on this requires a support from my loved ones and friends. Though I would be writing less on how will be the next level of living that I have imagined. I would like to focus on the consequence i.e. the end result.

NEW YEAR 2015 might have already begun now IN Australia. Will be soon arriving here in my place. Tomorrow will be Jan 1, 2015. Eagerly waiting!!

New year 2015 - just the beginning!
New year 2015 – Just the beginning!!

Morning 9:48 am:

I have already lunched and trying to do the things that has been left to do for two days which was postponed due to function in the home.

The certain things which I told earlier means the work out of my self esteem and its barriers to remain consistent. The other things could be the memory wear and tear ; the concept, my belief, and the obstacles in manifesting the end result.

It’s a bit chilly this morning. No sun shine still. It’s a new year day. There are remaining 356 days to fill the blank pages of year 2015. Have to fill it in proper way. No more quarrels, No more misunderstandings, no more pampering, no more ego head – just no more……

You know what it is. What are behind all those lives and activities. You are always with your Eagle eyes. Let it calm yourself to hold the drain energies. Fill it with something which you feel to be now.

THE POWER OF NOW! YES…the first day of January kicks off……….

Happy New year to all and what are your new year resolution??

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