Weight loss intent
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Quantum Steam Chamber to weight loss intent

Quantum Steam Chamber to weight loss intent – my experiences

Weight loss intent, I am interested in working with rejuvenating chi energy of the human body. This works better if I change my body. I tried out quantum steam bathing from Chinese therapy technology which was just for 15 minutes though it would take me more 15 minutes to complete actually, I stood in half of the duration lesser than recommended.

After the steam bath, weight loss intent made me a little down of energy – a bit slow in approach with my activities, a bit thirsty to drink juice which I opt for. Later after I reach home and deal with normal life, a surge of energy flow experienced which made me confident and cool. It’s like soaking energy from outside within me after depletion inside the Quantum Chamber. The feeling of energized and refreshed still in the next morning after restful sleeping. I don’t remember the dream if I have seen last night.

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