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The top 10 reasons you aren’t losing weight were provided by dietitian Leanne Ward.

Dietitian lists the top ten reasons you’re not losing weight, and your weekends are to fault, she says.
The top 10 reasons you aren’t losing weight were provided by dietitian Leanne Ward.
Too many of us entirely abandon the diet at the weekend, according to the nutritionist.
Instead, you should strive for consistency in how you approach your diet.
Leanne advised taking a vacation from your diet occasionally for the best outcomes.

The first of the 10 reasons you’re not losing weight, according to a nutritionist, is that you fall off the wagon on the weekends.

The most crucial factor for weight loss, according to Brisbane resident Leanne Ward, is consistency, but far too many of us lie about how much we eat and how frequently we exercise when trying to lose weight.

The fat loss specialist claimed that her typical clients struggle to shed the final 1-2 kg of the weight they were hoping to reduce, which is often between 5 and 10 kg.

Leanne claims that her advice will keep you on course.

  1. Your consistency is lacking

Leanne cited your lack of consistency as the primary factor in why you aren’t getting the desired results.

On a recent podcast, she declared, “If you’re being healthy Monday through Friday and then absolutely letting yourself off at the weekends, then it’s not enough.”

You only need two days to get out of a deficit, and you’re probably consuming considerably more calories than you realize during the weekends.

To identify all of the irregularities in your diet, she advises keeping an honest food journal for two weeks.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a few unhealthy behaviors, like having a second glass of wine on a Thursday night or eating muffins for breakfast when you’re rushed on Friday.

  1. The weekend is getting in the way.
    Similar to how consistency is essential, Leanne said that her clients frequently veer off course on the weekends.

Weekends are typically when we lose our routine, structure, and tendency to eat at home, according to Leanne.

You’ll always discover that ingredients have been added to food when you don’t prepare it yourself.

Try to take it into account as that is the simplest defense against it.

For instance, you might cut back on snacking if you plan to eat larger meals on the weekends.

If you want to have a few drinks instead, go to brunch and supper.

  1. You consume nutritious foods, yet you don’t have a deficit.

Being in a calorie deficit, according to Leanne, is the “golden rule” of weight loss.

In other words, you should consume less than your body requires.

She asserted, “If you’re not losing weight, you’re not in a deficit.”

A calorie surplus is the reverse of a calorie deficit, therefore you must be in “maintenance” if you want to maintain your weight.

  1. You’re eating without being hungry

While many of us believe that we only eat when we are truly hungry, Leanne claimed that far too many of us actually experience “head hunger” as opposed to “gut hunger.”

Leanne explained, “Eating when you’re bored, joyful, or unhappy is known as head hunger.”

But it’s vital to keep in mind that if you weren’t hungry to begin with, no amount of food would ever completely satisfy you.

  1. You’re using the wrong tracker.

Many people measure their intake using applications like MyFitnessPal, but many are shocked when they don’t lose weight.

The dietician advised keeping in mind that when you enter your food intake into the app, you might be underestimating how much you’re actually consuming and that you might also be sneakily adding a few additional handfuls and mouthfuls here and there.

  1. You erroneously calculated your needs.

For the most precise estimates for your body, Leanne advised using an online calculator and entering your height, weight, age, level of activity, and body fat percentage if you have it.

Then, keep in mind that in order to lose weight, you must eat at a 10–20% deficit.

For the best outcomes, Leanne advised entering as much correct information as you can because far too many of her clients make mistakes.


You believe you are moving more than you actually are.

Leanne claimed that when it comes to activity, most people believe they are moving more than they actually are.

“Most of my customers have desk jobs and think they are exercising a lot by working out for 30 to 45 minutes every day, but moving your body for 30 minutes out of 24 just isn’t enough,” she added.

Leanne advised making sure you walk 10,000 steps in addition to working out if you want to benefit more from your weight loss.

She asserted that “steps are very undervalued for weight loss.”

  1. When you’re exhausted, you’re making important judgments for your health.

Making important health decisions when we’re sleepy is one of the main reasons why so many of us aren’t losing weight, according to Leanne.

Making wise, healthful decisions earlier in the day increases your likelihood of sticking with them than waiting till 9 p.m., when you’re more likely to be emotional and sleepy.

Make deliberate, wise judgments early in the day, Leanne said.

This ought to help you lose weight quickly.

  1. Take a break.

Often, when we reach a weight loss stall, all we need is a break.

It’s usually an indication you need to take a break from dieting or even attempt reverse dieting to eat more for a while if you’ve been consistent for four weeks and the scale is still stuck and not moving, she added.

“Too many of us push through a fat loss period without seeing the desired results.” Giving your body the nourishment it requires at the right time will allow you to later slip back into a deficit.

  1. You give up too easily.

The nutritionist concluded by pointing out that losing weight, and fat in particular, takes time.

Leanne advised against stepping on the scales for at least two weeks after beginning a diet since you won’t see any results.

In the meantime, it’s important to keep in mind that it could take up to six months to lose 10 kg.

Adopt a lifestyle approach, she advised, and take action that would last for a reasonable amount of time.

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