My Journey of life with Understanding surroundings :)

Background life:

Coming to life at this point, several thoughts and understandings come to my mind. Life of a search to find a meaning out of living which may be an unconscious strives for the living as it continues being myself. I do seek fun but in contrast, it always has given me a chance to look or reveal me wild craziness of what life makes for a living. I see my life not as a fun in continuation but of a painful story to lead. That is true – a life with a painful story. As one of my teachers said,” Pain is temporary.” But, I have been through a continuous pain that has paralyzed me to just sleep in my bed for a whole day. The body does adjust with the pain, in that sense it is temporary. I agree. What I try to say in here, to live a life with a happy sometimes makes the person vulnerable. This is also true where the person has not yet got the life of dignity and live in the low profile every day because to come out of this, it regards him as a threat to himself and his beloved continue to see him as a person to be counted and respect him and give service to him of what he expects out of home and family. Yes, this is a family issue that I am talking in general. Only the serious one seems to be in a responsible position which otherwise makes him down in their own image of a head of the family.

Life of understanding comes third?
Couple standing on log, approaching each other

The surroundings life in my workplace:

Generally, I try to understand the games behind what each play in gatherings, meetings, and talks. I never find the guy who read my mind except one of my teacher and a friend of mine whom I don’t really go along with in general but I try to adjust myself without getting him upset. My key concern for that friend is always trying to make him a leader of what he wants to do in the situation. That makes me as an observer of the leader whoever he is. In case of a teacher, he always leads.

My adopted principle in this regards is the leaders are not only who leads. Again one of my teachers quoted that a leader is him to whom the success of work depends on. Those who are clever actually identify that point and gain credits from those. Make those necessary people in retention. But, yes What is the point if he doesn’t get on highlights or in limelights of the scenario. I think this is a task of a seeker and an observer to identify. Who you think is the leader in your views?

My best part of life is to follow a leader or a guru for motivation and knowledge. Again, one of my teachers asked me if I would be becoming them to whom I follow. Basically, this is a process of transforming life and at one point, you need to be the limelight and delivery your views and understandings. This is what all gurus and leaders have had done in fact.

At last my life:

There is always a pain in the ass for not getting a credit for what you deserve. No doubt, there is always someone who is viewing this what you are getting. Due to many factors of the complexity of groups dynamics, someone always is in the obstacle. My concern is how to manage them for the benefits of both. I think I am considering here a win-win situation consciously. Regardless of what we both get and avoid conflicts, one has to get down in the heat. There is also a possibility of two pilots in a jet plane, our development is not a single handling plane to fly. We need both of them, all of them, inclusively and equally. Despite cracking nerve on them, why not make a safe landing on the green grasses. You know what I mean 🙂

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