A beginning of my writing journey -writer’s craft

Beginning of his writing journey - writer's craft!
Beginning of his writing journey!

A beginning of my Writing journey – writer’s craft to shape into a tree of branches of leaves and more is aiming on me. My  journey is unique like everyone else. This is what I think of Writing early. Whether I began it with a suspense or a smile. No doubt, my life’s craft comes into a shape of writings is worthy. Lets not make it end by saying so, as for me it’s a new beginning.  Still to make it worth in times to come is remaining.

I wonder if someone might think of it before. How character shapes into own writings if you are a fiction or a non fiction writers. Making characters of a Novel, for instance, lively, pop up and create out of the book into realities which of course means into imagination of readers so real. How could the use of tools by writers make it so.

We all are born of our own perspectives. It’s where there is a catch, I guess. I’m sure, these unique perspectives what makes us so different, and these unique perspectives are based on facts. To have an angle of approach on writing is to catch up with what we try to display on to the world. The settings, we create, is where characters come into play by how we set it. So, a stage with characters, how could we make it live?   – Put some spices!!

This will bring a shape of characters. Where there is a shape, the character will bring his voice. When a voice come into play, I think the writing piece will have a “LIFE.”

I search for a voice — a voice that I have lost ! May be this one a good beginning , ” Searching for a voice that I have lost.” By the way, it’s the voice that I have been looking for.  “Within me” PERIOD

My Writing journey obviously begins. Do I have a VOICE? I think this is to be answered by the readers.





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