Life Questions to be asked!

Questions to be asked in Life:

LIfe questions to be asked.
Questions to be asked in life

Life Questions to be asked are numerous!  Yes, “Numerous.” We actually don’t know why we are here in this world. This can be everyone’s questions in their mind to find meaning of life which we have got in this world. Searching through the meaning of life by asking ourselves in the right mode of ways which can bring to enlightenment. Questions will still be remained and seeking answer for it. As long as a life continues to remain alive, questions will birth and rebirth into its life.

Basically when we ask questions, “karma of life” generates itself. Through questioning, we will reach to the destiny of all us and the nature of our destiny remains unique to our unique answers of our unique questions.  A question basically generates a seed to implant into the universe which grows and expands as it is continued to be focused. The generation of a full fletched plant out of it remains hidden into the womb of universe until we nurture enough to be sprouted into reality. Reality itself is nothing but the manifestation of our desires, wants, and questions that are seeked to be answered through actions.

What kinds of questions do we ask ourselves? The quality of questions we ask ourselves depends our circumstances and the nature of reality of our world we choose we live within it.

“Ask and we shall receive.” It is just the Karma we create , dwells into continuous birth and rebirth to fulfill our desires and wants. In the universe. we create something out of nothing by asking questions. Questions we ask are so much powerful in a way even to change our reality.

Life questions if not asked in this life, then it continues to dwell into future whether it may be asked by you in the next life of birth. We never know. Questions remain into questions since  we don’t know what we know, and we don’t know what we don’t know. They are remaining inside deep into subconscious, they may be of our past inheritance of many many lives. Who knows!

Simple daily questions we ask ourselves like what to eat today or tonight. How do I go from here to the work? How will I get this work done? How will I manage this or that? Simple questions that we even not think of them sometimes as they have become so regular that it has been occurring even without thinking. But we had had questioned them at its first time, first encounter or first instance from where it has started. Daily questions will always be there dealing with day to day livings.

The question is : Do we ask right questions to deal with all those day to day incidences occurring in our lives? where do these questions leading to us? The answers or the destiny we reached depends on our question we ask in Life. This is undoubtedly true for every beings. Neither we could overcome nor the answer to the specific question differ to the question asked. Something like a nut and a bolt,  a key and a holder, or a password for a specific reality to manifest. Like soil, the universe has every ingredients to manifest what we ask for, and the focus is the key to gather all the required resources to create out of all the questions we seek for the solutions.

Do we like the Life questions answer we got what we have asked for?

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. So, this question come into our mind to answer it by ourselves. Many of the times, our likes and dislikes change through time and even we have never reached to our final preference of our choice. May be God have decided different path of your life. Sometimes we hear these kinds of statements. Until we reach the ultimate destiny, we continue to strive for the answers of our Life questions.

To be obvious, this drama of Life questions and answers to be end soon if we ask right Life questions to eliminate the occurrence of stray off from the path of the right destiny of everyone lives. Asking right questions leads to the destination of suitable state of the soul which is miraculously only state of life ( Parmatma ).

Journey of a soul

Journey begins:

A soul begins to travel in its journey . Either with his conscious being or being subconscious, journey of a soul begins when he has infinite desires unfoldings layers by layers. We “ Souls” live by our wants and desires to fulfill that never ends – never ending desires, thirsts are simply exist as we simply breathe to live. Ironically, we don’t live life without those desires – really! they are necessary. This is also a truth that Journey of a soul never ends until we have those desires. If this is true then when did we really started our souls’ journey?

Journey of a soul
Journey of a soul

An Egg or a chicken first?

Putting into a perspective as an Egg or a chicken first, how a soul started his journey or when really did he started his journey seems satisfied to me. It can be answered really well, if we have identified when did the life really start on earth? –  Why on earth only? Life has been existed beyond our earth, which I believe this truly. It may be just my belief and not necessarily everyone should follow it. ( giggles) Beginning of a journey of  a soul might have really been someone’s desires!! May be God’s desire?

God’s aspect of my belief

If God has ever existed then he must be a first soul – a super soul – a grand soul ( Paratma) or a higher soul; a beginning of all soul where we all resides into it after we all die.  Why would A GOD create a soul. He must have some intention – a purpose. If that is so, what is it? and Why is it necessary to create or manifest a soul into a human or animals? Purpose of a journey of a soul – why he doesn’t remember and have to find out on his own until journey ends. I believe his journey ends – really ? but if he takes an another form of life again then ? Journey never ends by this way. In one of the other perspective what if we all have a journey to go and unite into the “Paratma” and, then this will be clear to us “what is the purpose of our journeys to wander soul into forms of life?”. To know really understand this I myself convinced to take support of belief of Karma.

Karma – a concept that I perceived

Karma in a journey of a soul
Karma in a journey of a soul

Journey of a soul in which Karma I believe a form entangle with our desires and wants. Lets see Karma as What you see and do, you get the same in return. If you create Karma for something you want to do and you did it. Then, in the form of something, it will get to you back. It seems a circular beings but in fact it is a spiral.  Because, around us we have a TIME as  a dimension along with us.

Spiral journey
Spiral Journey