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An experience with Dengue

My experience with Dengue infolds with basically three incidences. That makes the current experience with Dengue related recently with my wife seemed the ultimate or peak befall of karma? or life incidents with personal surroundings. Rumors about Dengue clarified to me with that experience. For Nepal, the spreading of Dengue news was a new incidence. …

Traveling changes your life
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Traveling changes

Traveling changes in a Vacation enriches one’s life significantly through exposure to new experiences such that firstly, traveling changes the way how one thinks and teaches one to see things differently. Secondly, traveling enriches one about different knowledge of people, culture, and places, and thirdly traveling builds up one’s personal resilience towards anything one does; …

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Review of Amartya Sen: Freedom of choice -concept and content

Freedom of choice : Concept and content. In this lecture, Amartya Sen gave profound argument regarding freedom; its concept and different ways of valuing it. He addressed economic issues in terms of  freedom of choice and seeing it through basic economic notions as individual  well beings, social welfare, living standard, consistent choice and rational behavior …

How do we measure development

How do you see Development?

Development in current scenario How do you see Development in this current scenario of disparity and inequality of income, status and state of beings? We see construction of buildings, employment generation, rise in Gross national income in developed countries every decades or so. But, in the same place rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. There …


A foreign language – Spanish.

<iframe src=”//” height=”0″ width=”0″ style=”display:none;visibility:hidden”> Spanish – a foreign language to me: Yes, Spanish is a foreign language to me. I have been living in Nepal for 38 years of my life.  I speak English, Nepali, a bit Newari, and Spanish which I have been learning for three or four years of my life now. …