This website is about for all aspiring writers who are looking for something to write and crafts their imagination, views, and ideas into writings. It’s about the author’s stories, experiences and hands in facts and knowledge he uses in their writings, and every day lives.

This is about hard facts, dramas, conflicts, and issues which are fictitious or true stories that he has seen, talked about, and heard by him. All who are aspiring to be a published writer, a blogger, or a journalist can find this site useful and informative. Basically this can be a memoir of an aspiring writer who aspires to be so and want to create an contribution in the online as well as offline community.

This can be about his examples of writings, that may recruit him into suitable tasks. Publishers may find useful hiring him after viewing his samples of work in this website. All of these writings displays about his creative works, and expressing his knowledge and good or bad experiences which you may find interesting to read and share the post.

All posted articles, essays, memoir or blogs are solely belongs to the author.

Comments are always welcome for improving his works into sale. Please comment with reasonable opinions and recommends necessary things with examples which may clarify more rather than just a comment.

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