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lose weights -info pack premium

Lose weights – info pack premium

I would like to welcome to my info-material and thank you for buying this 1-page info pack which reveals my ways to lose weights. I don’t fall into a trap that guarantees the loss of weights overnights. Definitely, you need to have efforts that I am going to reveal to you from my understanding and experiences.

Sometimes, it is a matter of your desire whether you want to lose weights or you are comfortable with whatever you have your weights currently even though some obese.

Your mindset on this definitely affects your regularity and have an impact. You have bought this info-pack that reveals you want some changes in your body, and it shows a willingness to lose weights of yourself or for someone you love. Whatever the case, definitely you have the right choice now.

First record your body status: Weights, just by going to any clinic or there where you can measure your weights.

When you are at a health clinic, make sure you can test your blood. Do a Blood sample test in which you need to test:

Blood sugar: fasting and PP

Lipid Profile:

If any of these testing shows ** sign in your report. Please check your doctor for consultation.

Resolving the above issues, you can lose weight significantly.

Next to lose weights

If you are feeling heavy on your body, lazy days, difficult to move out, your legs and joints sore, lethargic feelings then you can try out these below:

What you need to do is to increase your vital energy like chi-energy, cleanse your aura and become refreshed. One simple way is to take a bath. If you want to try out some creative ways, you can try out sauna bath, quantum herbal steaming, sound therapy, or go for a gentle massage which all of these available in Kathmandu city itself.

I don’t want to specifically tell you the shop center where you can get this because I am not entitled to give you specifically or recommend going there for free. But instead, I will give you the name of areas where you can find those things easily after your search there. Definitely, an effort is the key here.

Another thing for lightening up to lose weights

Detoxifications of your body element are key. So become refreshed and feel comfortable with your weights.

You can do this by going places and search for sauna bath and massages in 3-4 stars hotels.

For Quantum herbal Steaming for the chi-energy increase: Check out at Boudtha Temple inside the area.

For Sound healing to cleanse your aura: Check out Patan- Darbar square north-side area and Boudtha temple inside-area as well.

Next, Use of Chia Seeds: In Nepal, you can find Chia Seeds Packets or you can also buy from US or Mexico products of Chia Seeds. Every twice a day in an empty stomach, a spoon full chia seeds soaked 10-15 mins in boiling water. Then, a lemon, honey you can add in a glass of water with that soaked chia seeds and drink 1 hr before sleep and two hours after dinner. In the morning after waking up in an empty stomach drink it.

The soaked chia seeds are in a jelly form. This blocks the layer of gut and intestine to absorb the fats in your foods. Normally 4 weeks every twice a day can find you observe its effect. It is very effective in decreasing your cholesterol level and bad fats in your body. Drink lots of fluids.

Feel the difference after doing all these.

Next, Things to do and not to do:

  1. Drink a glass of water every morning after you wake and before going to bed.  In the afternoon as required as well.
  2. Replace coca-cola, Fanta, etc with drinking water.
  3. Take a couple of slice more of gingers with foods especially when a non-veg item you are eating.
  4.  Drink watermelon juice, lime juice, apple juice, Qiwi, plenty
  5. You can mix some vinegar when you drink water once or twice daily.
  6. Add your list here what you can do for yourself…….

Just email me when you have tried out above and how you feel the difference. No need to identify yourself – just jot down the experiences

@ Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your time reading this quick info-pack. Make sure to use at your fullest to your need. Buena Suerte!!

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