Graph Frequencies
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The frequencies; my experience

With the Sound frequencies, I have a unique experience since I took birth. That went beyond normal. This came into being since I was searching for a unique sound experience; lingering with watching a computer and one day I got a chance to view a CD in my old home with the contents of different sounds of nature and its animals, and birds.

Waves of frequencies

Within the CD, not only the unique birds and animals sounds but also an experience of speed, not going anywhere around but watching the virtual reality experiences of how actually it could be when I was at the speed of rollercoaster, the speed of a bullet when it shots, the speed at which the cheetah runs, the deer runs, and a virtual reality experience of when I was along the speed of rocket. It was a computer experience but Can you imagine how it feels when you are really experiencing it like a reality.

The combined experience of sound and the speed soaking with my body, ears, and imagination with the frequencies taste by exactly saying. I experienced once you are not hearing any of the new range of frequencies of sound anymore, then your brain shuts off to tune with the reality of surroundings where you are living. Like the Brain closes the door! and I don’t know if it really opens next time or not? Like shutter of the camera shuts off! opens when you click it right? For the brain, how to click again?

It’s really difficult but it is not impossible! I lost that CD by the way. I am searching it but I am not able to get it exactly that way which I have had viewed in that CD. When you search on Youtube, you can get different ways, maybe better, but that was a unique CD, I bet.

I have felt it what everyone these days talking about connection; interconnection with everyone like nature is all interconnected. We, humans, are interconnected, right? how? Can you feel it? I have really felt the experience of sound. The alphabets of this language are, of course, I think frequencies. Nowadays, you have Mobile App, as a tool to tap a frequency note, which earlier I don’t have. You can try out the different unique experiences of the surroundings I guess.

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