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Gender identity and feelings

Gender is actually how we feel ourselves, Do you agree? So, What are you feeling now? Masculinity or Femininity? Is there any other way you can feel?… Genderwise -. Alien ways? And also, the identity we received by birth biologically – Can we all confirm with this being true to self-feeling? I would say No! to some. This is because Something that we see and how we feel is different. So, there is something missing or hidden behind what we can’t conform to our understanding of Gender as it is.

A mystery unfolds itself? Do you agree? We are in the age of mass communication overload. Everywhere is information. The only thing required is to tap that information for your use. How do you categorize yourself? A male in a female body or A female in a male body? What is your soul really is? This is very interesting when you try to understand the astrological chart and figure it out what you are in your last birth. If you don’t believe this then just figure out what is the lineage chart of your birth – is also called Genealogy? That you are born with all those hidden characteristics suppressed or oppressed due to environment, and something that is dominant now in which you are acting in the real world.

One thing is sure – our thoughts are in multiple dimensions – not just in our real world. Agree? What do we see in the lineage chart? -Your past! How you build up actually is after the crossing of many generations of your ancestors. Then how is your gender identity actually manifests? Truly speaking it is all by chance!! Natural selection!! And, how is your feeling comes within – is how you interact with your environment by your appearance, behaviors, and attitudes. This is how I want to end this topic for now 🙂 Got to go!

Gender identity and feelings

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