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An experience with Dengue

My experience with Dengue infolds with basically three incidences. That makes the current experience with Dengue related recently with my wife seemed the ultimate or peak befall of karma? or life incidents with personal surroundings. Rumors about Dengue clarified to me with that experience.

For Nepal, the spreading of Dengue news was a new incidence. The number of death incidents focused in the news due to Dengue overcasts the real complexity of the disease.

Certainly, my experience with Dengue started by hearing deaths and spreadings in the Chitwan, and various Kathmandu ward numbers. Then, a phone call to buy ODOMOS, a mosquito repellant cream to be sent to the son’s school and revealed that the cream actually was on scarcity in the medical shops.

That didn’t stop there; an opportunity to visit Biratnagar where I bought a dozen ODOMOS creams in the city bazaar and brought home at Kathmandu. But, failed to protect my wife being infected with Dengue – I felt so sad. I encountered a couple of encounters with mosquitos that were going to bite me -my skin: I tapped them.

When my wife was tested positive with Dengue, she was hospitalized and had given intravenous doses of antibiotics, paracetamol, and lots of fluids. After two nights, the fever subsidized and in control. The preliminary night was difficult for her struggling with fever 103degree F and fluctuations.

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