The sun shines !! keeping waiting!! January 1, 2015

The Sun shines!!  Walking journey seemed good!

Jan 1,  2015

The sun shines! keeping me waiting!
The sun shines though dimmer makes me warmer!

The Sun shines yesterday finally a bit. It was little raining at this time on 11 am. Finally the sun shown lately keeping me waiting,  after 1 pm though dimmer, it had actually made my heart little warmer!

Yesterday, began with the day – chilly cold. Wearing a high neck sweater and  pants, and a woolen cap, and the file in hands moved myself with a place where I needed to be. Waiting for the new expectation, new information – just new everything. Beginning of the new year seemed waiting – keeping waiting half of the day. Until the sun shown and number of sausages into my mouth feeling free of cold and  hunger. Full tummy warmer clothes standing up on cliff of the house made me look far some expectation, hope and the sun piercing the clouds.  It makes me little warmer.

Last night, little raining though the wet streets in the morning – not much colder I feel but a bit refreshed, and clarity in the eyes with clean environment. I think I am waiting for something, someone eagerly and just lack some preparation of it. Just a while ago, I have exchanged the Thermos which was being complained of not keeping hot for 24 hours. On the way home, for the first time, bought some two and half meters long blanket – I feel this would work out later. Though a bit large, I thought it can be folded or cut later into two halves. I reminded of Thermocoat which I didn’t find at the time.

I have been walking a long way – it is good! Saving some dineros! I have put them in a box to grow. I wish I could get this one into compounding for more up to yet another 30 years! I also felt this time being insider. Insider in the sense the hidden value which every things have. In the market, the shopkeepers are selling the Clothes in Double folds or even in triple folds. I figured it out it is true. The blanket which cost $240 for them was being sold for $400 – almost double!

The sun still shines while  I’m writing this. What’s the heck! you would say. But it is important for me and my warm waiting journey. I’ m walking though whenever I find a time. A single dime will useful for me to make a rhyme. Rhyme for waiting Journey.  I wish I could make a Rhyme for this now……………………………………..

Esperando para ti, Es importante pare mi.

Vuelve pronto! Nos veremos junto a aqui.


Sin veremos, Sin saberemos,

Nada, Nada – Solo para ti.

Esperando para ti.  y tuyo naciomente!!

Mi hijo, si es para ti!!

The sun shines – as it is shining now and will shine tomorrow ;  has begun the New year 2015. Filled the first blank page of 365 days with eagerly waiting – it keeps me waiting and waiting………………sin Duda!! Gracias!!

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