Lemon Soda Drinks and The Life around it

Mr. Ganesh Das Maharjan, a street vender selling Lemon Soda drinks for more than 25 years, who now locate himself at the corner of Bhikuti Mandav, Kathmandu. He comes there as early as 9 am until 4 pm in the evening during winter season where he waits for the customers come by for drinking lemon soda and others like cola, pineapple, orange flavor drinks in his mobile shop.

Lemon soda
Waiting for the customer to be arrived..

IMG_20150109_115309 He explained, ” Now is the low season for his small business.” He even claimed to sell 300 bottles per day during peak season and he is eagerly waiting to arrive saying,” now just 2 months left for the arrival of the season.” These days, the number of lemon soda drinkers in his shop has been increasing in comparison to previous days of his life.

He said he has a small plant for making soda in which he fuses oxygen and carbon with raw materials required to make soda drinks as well as other flavor’s drinks. Once they have pressurized into bottles, they are to be sold in Rs 40 per bottle. He managed to bring Lemon at Rs 100 per kg from near other shop. He remembered he used to sell lemon soda drinks  in just at 50 paisas.  His business of this lemon soda drinks making and selling was being run by his father and forefathers, and sisters.

He claimed to be the best to drink lemon soda as he explained it removes the hang over of head from drinking hard drinks and  it is also good for digestion after having heavy meal at the party. He doesn’t have a brand yet, but he feels Lemon soda may even replace the Coca cola, Fanta, and the other brands from having benefits more than those unhealthy drinks.

He also told to be cautious about the drinks made in other mobile shop who use dirty waters to make them. He assured his Lemon soda is healthy, and he don’t use dirty waters to make it.

Many people come by in a bike or those passerby who just visit the functions in the Bhikuti Mandav stay there aside of his mobile shop and drinks Lemon Soda. He has been quenching thirst of many many thirsty customers so far, and he is still around the same place now – selling COLD LEMON SODA.

Lemon soda drinks


Lemon soda
Ganesh Das Maharjan – LEMON SODA SELLER.


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